In thrust we trust

We are all-rounders in engineering! We cover various fields as seen below. Focuses are aerospace engineering (Mainly rocket propulsion) but also consulting around additive manufacturing, acoustics, SW development and cyber security. Some of the stuff is SPL heritage. Our Products are ITAR-free! Please keep in mind, that our products are normally in-house prototypes or developments for customers and are not COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) products.

Shock diamonds. 2.5kN Lox/ethanol rocket engine

Rocket propulsion. Liquid bi-propellant engines up to 50 kN, fast RCS thrusters (Cold gas, mono-propellant, bi-propellant) starting from 20 mN thrust (200 µs pulses!) up to several 100 N. Solid and hybrid propulsion. Hotwater/steam thrusters up to 50 kN.

Torch igniter to light rocket engines

Igniters A diverse palette of igniters:
– Torch igniters with various propellants (Gaseous/liquid).
– Pyrotechnical igniters to light solid/hybrid and liquid rocket motors. Reloadable or one time use.

Components You are looking for a cryogenic valve, a pump to pump H2O2, a Tridyne hot gas generator to pressurize you tanks or drive your hot gas RCS thruster? Here might be your starting point.

Test Equipment Thrust test stand from mN’s to 50 kN. Test stands for RCS thrusters under vacuum conditions. Bruel&Kjaer Vibration table. Hydrostatic pressure testing up to 1’000 bar.

Simulating build process additive manufacturing of a rocket injector
Python Code

Services CAD/CAE/FEM. Expertise in everything around additive manufacturing. Since we have a well equipped mechanical and electronics workshop, we not only design things, we can also build and test it! Vibration testing (Brüel&Kjaer vibration equipment). Acoustics together with our partner T&R. Software engineering in C, JAVA, Python, Assembler.
Cyber-security: We provide security analysis and can help in risk and vulnerability assessments. A hot topic also in space applications!