Here we list the partners we work with and the organizations supporting us.

Swiss Propulsiuon Laboratory SPL GmbH
Our main partner when it comes to propulsion > 10kN

We did a lot of R&D work with FHNW via SPL

A space initiative from students of ETH Zürich. Bruno is an advisor for ARIS

Partner in the field of acoustics, vibrations analysis

Main sponsor of SPL and therefore also important to us

The German new-space network

ETH Zürich heavily supports ARIS. ETH is one of the 10 leading universities of the world

Long term partner in all aspects of new space

Supplier of very fast valves for our 200 mN cold gas thrusters.

One of our partners when it comes to additive manufacturing

Our national “NASA” (no, Switzerland does not have a Space Agency yet, but the Swiss Space Office together with the Swiss Space Center come close)

Our startup coach (And Hugo is also a good friend)

NTN Innovation Booster Additive Manufacturing