Liquid propulsion at ARIS

ARIS (ARIS – Akademische Raumfahrt Initiative Schweiz) finished two projects related to liquid propulsion.

  • LEA, building and testing a mobile test stand for liquid rocket engines up 1.5 kN. It was successfully tested with an Ethanol/N2O firing. This was a project with volunteers of ARIS members.
  • PROMETHEUS, a ETH focus project with the aim to modify the LEA test trailer for usage with liquid oxygen. Design and testing a regeneratively cooled 700 N engine.

On both projects our Bruno Berger acted as an advisor. Unfortunately the contract with ETH ended this this year, so it might be the last project we are involved in. Nevertheless, the last years with the students of ETH/ARIS were extremely inspiring and cool!

LEA Project video

Prometheus firing

Prometheus recap of the project

ETH Focus project IRIDE ends with a great success. VIDEO!

The ARIS IRIDE team finished it’s test campaign with a great success. Watch the amazing video they created! I am proud to be part of that story. Together with the predecessor team RHEA they finished the construction of the test infrastructure, they also designed, build and tested a 5 kN rocket hybrid engine. The new team DAEDALUS will now design flight worthy hardware for ARIS’ PICCARD rocket aimed for the Spaceport America Cup 2021.

First firing of ARIS’ RHEA engine

RHEA, lays the foundation for future hybrid rocket engine developments at ARIS. The built test infrastructure is expandable to thrusts up to 20 kN. RHEA’s first-generation engine focuses on high safety factors and a high degree of modularity to test a variety of different key parameters. A perfect baseline to scale up the engine and make it flight-ready in the future. RHEA’s successor IRIDE is currently under development and will deliver 5kN of thrust.

A still from the video above. One can see shock diamonds, and diamonds are forever 😉