These papers are not online on the server, because they are not particularly interesting for our projects at the moment. They are on CD.

Session PL:  Plenary Opening Session
2 June 2004, Sala Chia
Chair: D. Leadbeater (BNSC) & C. Stavrinidis (ESA)
ESA Spacecraft Propulsion Activities
G. Saccoccia
An Overview of the CNES Propulsion Program for Spacecraft
N. Pillet et al.
Experience and Lessons Learnt from SMART-1, the First European Electric Propulsion Driven Space Probe
G.D. Racca
The Rosetta Propulsion System
D. Stramaccioni
INTEGRAL RCS: Launch Site Operations and In-orbit Behaviour
M. Pessana et al.
End of Life of SPOT1 - Behavior of the Propulsion System and AOCS Subsystem during the Last Maneuver of De-orbitation
N. Pillet et al.
Session 2 F:  Propulsion Flight Experience
2 June 2004, Sala Spartivento
Chair: N. Pillet (CNES) & J. Gonzalez (ESA)
Hydrazine Operations at Near-Freezing Temperatures During the Ulysses Extended Mission
A. McGarry et al.
SMART-1 Electric Propulsion Flight Experience: Main Working Group Findings
D. Estublier et al.
All Fuelled Up With No Place To Go - The Rosetta MMH Offload Campaign, Kourou 2003
C. Smith
SMART-1: Spacecraft/Thruster Interaction Data Analysis
J. Gonzalez del Amo et al.
Flight Validation of the Thermal Propellant Gauging Method used at EADS Astrium
L. Dandaleix et al.
Eutelsat 2 FM4 Spacecraft End of Life Operations and Propulsion Passivation
F. Appaix et al.
Ion Propulsion-Satellite Interactions during the ARTEMIS Salvage Mission
R. Killinger et al.
High Altitude Simulation Test for High Expansion Ratio Nozzles
C. Oiknine
Session 2 SE1:  Electric Propulsion Systems I
2 June 2004, Sala Campana
Chair: M. Andrenucci (University of Pisa) & H. Leiter (EADS-ST)
Longitudinal oscillations in Hall thrusters
S. Barral et al.
Examination of Hall Thruster Xe Ion Flow Features by Means of Fabry-Pérot Interferometry
N. Claire et al.
Non-Intrusive Characterization of the Hall Thruster Azimuthal Drift Current
C. Thomas et al.
Characteristics of the XHT-100 Low Power Hall Thruster Prototype
M. Andrenucci et al.
Principles of Hall Thruster Onboard Malfunction Diagnostics Based on Magnetic Field Measurements of Plasma Currents
B. Rubin et al.
Hall Effect Thruster with High Specific Impulse
O. Gorshkov et al.
Experimental Characterisation of PPS®X000 ML
L. Jolivet et al.
Smooth Control of Electric Jet Propulsion
R. Chuyan et al.
Session 2 PC1:  Propulsion Components I
2 June 2004, Sala Chia
Chair: E. Abriat (Moog) & R. Lafranconi (ESA)
Gauging Components for "State-of-the-art" Propellant Management on next Generation Satellite Platforms
P. Van Put et al.
Qualification of a Flow Control Valve for 200N ATV Thruster: Development of European 1N FCV for Hydrazine Propulsion
E. Benoit et al
Silicon Pressure Sensors for Space Propulsion Applications
M. Nese et al
Valves Based on Amplified Piezoelectric Actuators
R. Le Letty et al.
Development Activities on an advance Propellant Flow Control Unit
G. Noci et al.
Development of an Advanced Proportional Xenon Feed Assembly for the GOCE Spacecraft
M. van der List et al.
Developments in Electric Propulsion Feed Systems
D. Bushway
Session 3 NM1:  Propulsion Applications to New Missions I
3 June 2004, Sala Bithia
Chair: P. Garnero (Alcatel Space) & M. Pessana (Alenia)
Operation of a T6 Thruster at the Elevated Thermal Conditions of Mercury for the ESA Bepi Colombo Mission
N. Wallace et al.
Electric Propulsion System on @Bus Platform
M. Lyszyk et al.
An Overview of the T6 Gridded Ion Propulsion System Pre-development Activities for Alpha-Bus
J. Huddleson et al.
Hybrid (Coupled Plasma/Ion) Electric Propulsion Systems
E. Chesta et al.
Propulsion Selection for the Remote Sensing Mission
M. Marcozzi et al.
SkyLAN: Station Keeping and Propulsion Aspects for ISL Interconnected GEO Clusters
A. Cotellessa et al.
Preparing for Flight: The Surrey Space Centre's Microscale Solar Propulsion Experiment (MSPEx)
F. Kennedy et al.
Concept of Combined Electroreactive and Electrodynamic Propulsion System for Station Keeping
V. Strashinsky et al.
A Flexible Cold Gas Propulsion System Concept for Different Space Applications
T. Usbeck et al.
APPT for LEO Applications
M. Kazeev et al.
Session 3 SE2:  Electric Propulsion Systems II
3 June 2004, Sala Campana
Chair: R. Blott (Qinetiq) & D. Nicolini (ESA)
Angular Properties of Xe+-Sputtered Molybdenum at Low Impingement Energy
M. Crofton et al.
Life Verification of the T5 Ion Extraction Grids for the GOCE Application
M. Potts et al.
Development and Chamber Testing of a Miniature Radio-frequency Ion Thruster for Microspacecraft
M. Micci et al.
The Optimisation of the T6 Ion Thruster for the ESA AlphaBus Pre-Development Activity
J. Brandon-Cox et al.
Investigation of Sputter Behaviour of Graphite Materials for Ion Thruster Grids
M. Tartz et al.
Plasma and Ion Beam Characterization by Non-conventional Methods
H. Neumann et al.
Multiple Ion Thruster Plume Interactions
J. Wang et al.
Thrust Steering of a Gridded Ion Engine
P. Jameson et al.
A Survey of the "New Grid Systems for Ion Engines" Technology Project
R. Killinger et al.
RIT22- The Ion Thruster of the RITA Propulsion System for Commercial and Scientific Applications
H. Leiter et al.
Session 3 SC:  Chemical Propulsion Systems
3 June 2004, Sala Chia
Chair: J. Stuhlberger (EADS) & M. Lang (ESA)
Design and Testing of a Cold Gas System
A. Hashem
Bi-Propellant Propulsion System Improvement for Exported Telecommunication Satellites
P. Garnero et al.
Venus Express Chemical Propulsion System - The Mars Express Legacy
C. Hunter
Effects of Gravity on Voided Catalyst Bed of Hydrazine Monopropellant Thrusters
D. Goto et al.
Design and Performance of a Micronewton Proportional Thruster
N. Solway et al.
Development of Ceramic Thruster for Spacecraft Propulsion System
H. Mishima et al.
EADS-ST's Latest Bipropellant 10N Thruster and 400 N Engine: The Fully European Solution
M. Fick et al.
Development of 22o N Bi-Propellant Thruster with Micro-Showerhead Injector
G. Schulte et al.
Development of a Bi-propellant Micro-Rocket Engine
P. Miotti et al.
Session 3 ME1:  Electric Propulsion Modeling
3 June 2004, Sala Spartivento
Chair: V. Kim (RIAME) & E. Gengembre (ESA)
C-R Modeling and Spectroscopic Diagnostics of SPT Plasmas
K. Katsonis et al.
Fully 3D Simulation of Electric Propulsion Plumes in Space and on Ground
L. Biagioni et al
Computational Model for Local Parameter Analysis in an Acceleration Channel of a Hall Thruster
O. Gorshkov et al.
Hall Thruster Particle Model
F. Taccogna et al.
The Limitations of Hall Thrusters by their Specific Impulse
A. Nesterenko et al.
Numerical Modeling of Heat Flows in a Hall Thruster
V. Gankin et al
Simulation of the SPT Ceramic Isolator Sputtering Process under Model Conditions
S. Khartov et al.
Effect of a Localised Neutral Atom Mass Flow Injection in Hall-Effect Thrusters
L. Garrigues et al.
Effect of Voltage Variation in Hall Thruster Modeling
S. Roy et al.
Development of Software for Numerical Simulation of the SPT Discharge Chamber Wall Erosion by the Accelerated Ions
V. Kim et al.
Session 3 MC:  Chemical Propulsion Modeling
3 June 2004, Sala Bithia
Chair: D. Hasan (Rafael) & K. Jokela (ESTEC)
Propulsion Systems Design and Simulation Tools in Alcatel Space
F. Appaix et al.
Application of Satellite Hydrazine Propulsion System In-Orbit Monitoring Model
D. Hasan et al.
Dynamic Solubility of Pressurised He in Liquid Propellants in Closed Storage Tanks
K. Jokela et al.
In-Space Chemical Propulsion System Model
C. Byers et al.
Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation of Viscous Dominated Micro-Nozzle Flow in Cold-Gas Thrusters
C. Thornber et al.
Numerical Study of Backflow for Nozzle Plumes by a Hybrid Approach
M. Ivanov et al.
The Role of Different Parameters in the Pressurant Budget of Venus Express and its Dynamic Evolution during the Mission
F. Valencia Bel et al.
Session 3 SE3:  Electric Propulsion Systems III
3 June 2004, Sala Campana
Chair: R. Meyers (Aerojet) & B. Fallis (ESA)
Anode Layer Discharge Plasma and Exhaust Plume Diagnostics
A. Semenkin
Optical Investigation on Plasma Plume of Tal Cluster System
O. Tverdokhlebov et al.
Control of the Ceramic Erosion by Optical Emission Spectroscopy
D. Pagnon
Detailed behavior of microinstabilities in Hall thrusters: experimental insight 108
A. Lazurenko et al.
Measurement of Absolute Xenon Density and Gas Injection Impact in Hall Thrusters
V. Vial et al.
Lessons learned from infrared thermal imaging of a Hall thruster
S. Mazouffre et al.
Hall-Effect Thruster Estimation of Intra-Thruster Performances
A. Bober
Simulations of a Double Stage Hall Thruster Configuration for Plume Focusing
I. Vieira et al.
Session 3 PC2:  Propulsion Components II
3 June 2004, Sala Chia
Chair: C. Le Floc'h (EADS-ST) & F. Caramelli (ESA)
Manufacturing of Advanced Titanium (Lined) Propellant Tanks and High Pressure Vessels
W. Radtke
Design, Development and Validation of the Eurostar 3000 Large Propellant Tank
J.-M. Autric et al.
Experimental Assessment of the Susceptibility to Stress-corrosion Cracking of Ti 6A1-4V Alloy Exposed to MON-1 Propellant Tank Environment
G. Bussu et al.
Decontamination of MMH- and NTO/MON -propellant Tanks
K. Jokela et al
New Developments in High Pressure Tanks at EADS Space Transportation
C. Le Floc'h
Mechanical Design and Analysis of Propellant COPVs
R. Beck
An Overview of Polymeric Materials Development and Qualification Approach for Propellant Tank Membrane Applications in Europe
F. Valencia Bel et al.
Functional Design and Qualification of Surface Tension Propellant Tanks
C. Figus et al.
Session 3 ME2:  Electric Propulsion Modeling II
3 June 2004, Sala Spartivento
Chair: E. Ahedo (University of Madrid) & C. Theroude (EADS-Astrium)
Simulation of Erosion and Contamination of Spacecraft Surfaces Induced by Plasma Thruster Plume
A.B. Nadiradze et al.
Hybrid-PIC Modeling of Hall Thruster Acceleration Channels
M. Andrenucci et al.
Insight into EADS Astrium Modelling Packages for Electric Propulsion / Spacecraft Interactions
S. Provost et al.
Improvement of the Plasma-wall Interaction Model on a Hall-thruster fluid-PIC Code
E. Ahedo et al.
Angular Characterisation of Erosion and Contamination by Electric Propulsion
T. Tondu et al.
Numerical Simulation of Taylor Cone-Jets and Colloid Thruster Plumes
J. Carretero et al.
Numerical Simulations for the Design of a Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster with Coaxial Applied Magnetic Field
D. Haag et al.
Study of the Plasma Discharge in a Hall Thruster
E. Ahedo et al.
Session 4 NM2:  Propulsion Applications to New Missions
4 June 2004, Sala Spartivento
Chair: D. Fearn (EP Solutions) & M. Auweter-Kurtz (IRS)
The Manned Exploration of Mars Using Nuclear Electric Propulsion: A Gradual, Minimum Cost Strategy
D. Fearn
Integrated Power and Propulsion System
G. Frenken
Pulsed Plasma Thrusters for Primary Propulsion and Attitude Control of a Small All Electrical Satellite
A. Nawaz et al.
An Orbital Transfer Vehicle with Electric Propulsion to Enhance the Vega Launcher Operational Envelope
S. Marcuccio et al.
µN Propulsion Subsystem Developments for Drag-Free Spacecraft
D. Nicolini et al.
Solid Propellant De-orbiting for Constellation Satellites
R. Schonenborg
Multi-Objective Low-Thrust Trajectory Optimization for Constant and Variable Specific Impulse Thrusters
R. Pavarin et al.
End-to-End Orbital Trajectory Optimization
J. Whiting
Darwin Mission: The Field Emission Electric Propulsion (Feep) Option
V. Pizzagalli et al.
Micropropulsion Technologies for the European high-precision Formation Flying Interferometer DARWIN
M. Kilter
Session 4 SE4:  Electric Propulsion Systems IV
4 June 2004, Sala Campana
Chair: M. Martinez-Sanchez (MIT) & A. Demaire (EADS-Astrium)
New Generation of Clusterable In-FEEP Emitters
A. Genovese et al.
Advances in Micro-Fabricated Droplet Emission Mode 1D Colloid Thruster Arrays
L. Velasquez-Gracia et al.
A MEMS based Field Emission Electrical Propulsion System with Integrated Charge Neutralizer for Nano and Pico Spacecraft
R.A.W. Fléron et al.
Correction Propulsion System with Ablative Pulsed Plasma Thrusters for Unified Space Platform "Vulcan"
N. Antropov et al.
Low-Power Microwave Electrothermal Thruster Performance Characterization
M. Micci et al.
Double Stage HET Development activities at SNECMA
M. Prioul et al.
PPS-1350 Qualification Status and Performances
M. Prioul et al.
Experimental Investigation of the Two-Stage Plasma Thruster ATTILA
H. Boehrk et al.
Design and Operation of a Liquid Ion Propulsion System in the Bipolar Mode
P. Lozano et al.
Energy Transfer to the Propellant in High Power PPT
M. Kazeev et al.
Session 4 PC3:  Propulsion Components III
4 June 2004, Sala Chia
Chair: G. Noci (Laben) & J. Marcos (INASMET)
Spectroscopic Study of the Internal Plasma of a T6 Hollow Cathode
S. Pottinger et al.
Development of a Vaporizing Liquid Bismuth Anode for Hall Thrusters
L. King
A Shape Memory Alloy Actuated Satellite Isolation Valve
J. Murray et al.
Stationary and Dynamical Behavior of Hollow Cathode: Diode Regime and With SPT 100 Hall Thruster
L. Albarede et al.
Conditions and Perspectives of EPE Cathodes Development for Cureents from 20 mA to 2000 A
A. Loyan et al.
A Field Effect Spacecraft Neutraliser for Fundamental Physics Missions
D. Nicolini et al.
Hollow Cathode Thrust Measurements Using a Target
P. Gessini et al.
High Performance Ceramic Discharge Chambers For Hall Effect Thrusters (HET-DC)
I. Caro
Design and Development of the Minimum Impulse Thruster Valve
R. Huftalen et al.
Modified Electro-Thermal Thrust Augmentation for Mini-Satellite Applications
Aharon Oren
Session 4 T:  Propulsion Testing and AIV Tools
4 June 2004, Sala Bithia
Chair: L. Biagioni (Alta SpA) & R. Möllerberg (ECAPS)
The Design of a T5 Thruster Load Simulator for Spacecraft System AIV
S. Clark et al.
Improvement of Optical Diagnostic Technique for a Xenon Operating Hall Effect Thruster
G. Karabadzhak
An Imaging Spectroscopy System Based on Multi-fiber Optic for Investigation of Ion- and Plasma thruster
S. Meiß et al.
The New European High Power Electric Propulsion Test Facility
L. Biagioni et al.
Performance of a Large Vacuum Facility for Spacecraft Propulsion Testing
F. Scortecci et al.
Development of Plasma Diagnostic Methods on Xenon for Plume Investigations of RIT-Ion Thrusters
M. Winter et al.
Development of a Two-axes Thrust Stand for Electric Thrusters
R. Falorni et al.
Deposition Material Measurements from a Hall Thruster using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance
L. Trevisani et al.
Microfluidic Diagnostics applied to Cold Gas Thruster Design and Analysis
S. Wereley
Session 4 AC:  Propulsion Advances Concepts
4 June 2004, Sala Spartivento
Chair: M. Kruijf (Delta-Utec) & N. Frischauf (ESA)
Bare Electrodynamic Tape Tether Experiment onboard the Delfi-1 University Satellite
A.-M. Wijnans et al.
High Thrust Density Electric Propulsion for Heavy Payload In-Space Transportation
M. Auweter-Kurtz et al.
MOA: Magnetic Field Oscillating Amplified Thruster
N. Frischauf et al.
Electrodeless Plasma Thruster Design & Modeling
G. Emsellem et al.
Assessment of Possibility of Advanced Solar Thermal Propulsion Use for Mars Exploratiomission
H. Chang et al.
Nano-Propellants for Space Propulsion
L. Galfetti
Advanced Kinetic Model for Electrodynamic Space Tether 141
J.-M. Deux et al.
The Advanced Developments Of Orbital Thermal-Electric Microthrusters
A. Niatin et al.
Session 4 SE5:  Electric Propulsion Systems V
4 June 2004, Sala Campana
Chair: O. Duchemin (SNECMA) & O. Gorshkov (Keldysh Research Center)
Recent Advancements in MPD Technology at Centrospazio
M. Zuin et al.
New Performance and Reliability Results of the HEMP-Thruster
G. Kornfeld et al.
MPD Thruster Discharge Stability Criteria
M. Andrenucci et al.
Optical studies accompanying a performance test of a HEMP thruster in the JUMBO test facility
S. Weis et al.
Preferable Hall-Effect Thruster Performances for Orbit Transfer in a Resistive Medium
A. Bober
Development of a Prototype Thrust Steering Device for Hall-Effect Thrusters
O. Duchemin et al.
Testing the PPS®X000 Plasma Thruster at High Discharge Voltage
O. Duchemin et al.
Electromagnetic Interference with hall thruster operation
K. Kirdyashev et al.
Session 4 PC4:  Propulsion Components IV
4 June 2004, Sala Chia
Chair: E. Bourguignon (Alcatel-ETCA) & J. Champion (ESA)
GOCE IPCU: The Electronic Driving a Ion Propulsion System
C. Tato et al.
High Power Processing Unit for Stationary Plasma Thruster
E. Bourguignon et al.
Power Supply and Control Unit for Gridded Ion Thruster
E. Bourguignon et al.
Evolution of extraction grid erosion with ion thruster operation time
M. Tartz et al.
Investigation of a Water-Fed Pulsed Plasma Thruster
C. Scharlemann et al.
Design and Development of the Precision Adjustable Liquid Regulator
R. Meinhold et al.
Influence of Space Propulsions and Plasma Sources on Electric-Discharge Phenomena on the ISS
E. Tverdokhlebova et al.
C-R Modeling of Ar Plasmas: Low Temperature Validation
Katsonis, K.*; Siskos, A.*; Dzierzega, K.**; Pellerin, S.***; Tanguy, Michel****; *Univ. Paris-sud, LPGP,**M. Smoluchowski Inst. of Physics,***LASEP, Univ. d'Orléans, ****Ecole Polytechnique
Low Temperature Validation of a Xe Plasma C-R Model
Katsonis, K.*; Rouillé, C.*; Siskos, A.*; Tanguy, M.**; *Univ. Paris-sud, LPGP,**Ecole Polytechnique
Ariane 5 SCA Comparison and Correlation between Thermal Tests and Thermal Mathematical Modelling
Holzwarth, M.; Gralher, M.; Rogall, H.; EADS Space Transportation
Applications for Solid Propellant Gas Generator Technology
van der List, M.*; Put, P.A.G.*; Elst, J.W.E.C.*; Vliet, L.D.**; Sanders, H.M.**; *BRADFORD engineering B.V.,**TNO-PML

Curret driven high frequency oscillations in Hall Thrusters
Makowski, K*; Peradzyñski, Z.**; Barral, S.*; Dudeck, M.***; *Institute of Fundamental Technological Research PAS

A Micro-scale Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer for Ion Species Analysis
King, L.; Michigan Technological University
Low Cost Propulsion for 21st Century Small Satellite Missions
Baker, A.; Gibbon, D.; Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.
Study of the Electron Energy Distribution Function Formation Dynamics based on the 3D3V PIC Hall-type Thruster Model
Pereslavtsev, A.; Khartov, S.; Moscow Aviation Institute
Experimental study of the electron energy distribution function formation in the near outside region between cathode and exhaust plane of a Hall-type thruster
Pereslavtsev, A.; Khartov, S.; Moscow Aviation Institute
Selection of Optimal Dimension of Multimode Hall Thruster
Pridannikov, S.*; Kozubskiy, K.*; Rumiantsev, A.V.**; *EDB Fakel,**Kaliningrad State University
Thermal Highly Temperature Microflowmeter of Gas
Roumjanzev, A.; Shevchenko, P.; Kaliningrad State University
Adaptive Grid Simulation of Ultrafast Laser Ablation for Space Propulsion
Batishchev, O.*; Batishcheva, A.**; *MIT,**Delta Search Labs Inc.
Hybrid Modeling of Plasma Production in VASIMR Engine
Batishchev, O.*; Molvig, K.; MIT
Comparative Analysis of Carbon Nanostrycture-Based Emitters
Nikolai, N.; Yasinskaya, E.; Kaliningrad State University
The High Frequency Stabilization of a Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster
Kirdyashev, K.; Russian Academy of Sciences
Conceptions and Results of Design for Micro Satellites
Loyan, A.*; Belan, N.*; Dranovskiy, V.**; Koshkin, M.**; Dgur, E.***; Hitko, A.***; *National aerospace University "KhAI",**Design bureau "Yuzhnoe",***Dnepropetrovsk National University
Mathematical Modeling and Optimization of Development Process of Self-Dependent Electrical Discharge in Hollow Cathode for Electric Propulsion System
Lobov, S.; National Airspace University "KhAI"
Calculation Studies for Plasma Parameters in Pulsed Plasma Thruster
Khrustalev, M.; Lyubinskaya, N.; RIAME MAI
The Use of Colloid Thrusters for Nano satellites
Nicolini, D.*; Kent, B.**; Stark, J.***; Stevens, B.**; Alexander, M.***; *ESA/ESTEC,**Rutherford Appleton Laboratory,***Queen Mary University
Traceable Calibration of the 3 axis Thrust Vector in the mN range
Hughes, B.; Oldfield, S.; National Physical Laboratory