International Conference on
Green Propellant for Space Propulsion

In combination with the
4th International Hydrogen Peroxide Propulsion Conference

20-22 June 2001
ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands


In recent years, there has been ever-increasing interest in space propellants that are environmentally friendly (Green propellants) and contribute towards non-toxic propellants. These propellants are generally easier and safer to handle than conventional propellants, and are expected to drive down the costs associated with propellant transport and storage, and in spacecraft development and on-ground operations. In Europe, all of these factors have made non-toxic propellants more desirable, especially when applied to low-cost micro-satellite missions and future reusable vehicles.

This event is combined with the 4th International Hydrogen Peroxide Propulsion Conference.

The objective of this Conference is to review recent progress in both green and non-toxic propellants for space applications and to provide a forum to share views and ideas about the future of this technology. LOX/LH2, an important launcher propellant well covered in other Conferences, will not be a topic at this Conference. A rocket liquid propulsion symposium, with cryogenics as its major topic, is planned in 2002 with CNES as the main organiser.


20 June 2001

Plenary Opening Session
09:00 Welcome and Introduction
Stravrinidis, C.*; Chemoul, B.**; Koschel, W.***; Rusek, J.J.****;
*ESA, **CNES, France, ***DLR, Germany, ****Purdue University, United States
09:30 Future of Hydrogen Peroxide for Space Applications (Keynote)
Rusek, J.J., Swift Enterprises, Ltd., United States
10:00 Possible Applications of Green and Non-Toxic Propellants (Keynote)
T.*; Caporicci, M.**;
*EOARD, United Kingdom, **ESA
10:30 Possible Applications of Green and Non-Toxic Propellants: Launcher Application (Keynote)
T.*; Caporicci, M.**;
*EOARD, United Kingdom, **ESA
Session 1: Liquid I - Bipropellants
11:00 Propulsive Performance of Hypergolic H2O2/Kerosene Bipropellant
Cong, Y.*; Zhang, T.*; Sun, X.*; Liang, D.*; Lin, L.*; Tan, W.**;
*Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, **Research Institute of the Eighth Research Academy, China
11:30 Development of a Design/Build/Test Course in Rocket Propulsion
Heister S.D., Rusek J.J.,
Purdue Uni USA
12:30 Progress in the Development of a Small-Scale Rocket Engine Using Homogeneous Catalysis of Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide
Musker, A.J., University of Southampton, United Kingdom
14:30 Low Toxicity Propellants for the AQM-37C High Altitude Supersonic Target
Kurdeka, D., United States Navy, United States
15:00 Use Natural Gas in Rocket Propulsion
Bruno, C.; Cuoco, F.; University of Rome"La Sapienza", Italy
16:00 HP-based Green Rocket Propellants
Sadov, V.; RSC-AC, Russia
Session 2: HTP Manufacturing and Specifications
11:00 PROPULSETM Hydrogen Peroxide: Manufacture, Quality, Transportation, and Handling
Nimmerfroh N.*; Walzer E.*; Brossmer C.**;
*Degussa AG, Germany; **Degussa Corporation, United States
11:30 Hydrogen Peroxide Environmental Impact and Toxicity
Jacobi, S.; Degussa AG, Germany
Session 3: Solid Propellants
12:30 Alternate Propellant Research and Studies for Improved Performance and Cost Reduction
Bennett, R., Thiokol Propulsion, United States
15:00 Developments on HNF Based High Performance Solid Propellants
Keizers, H.*; Van der Heijden, A.*; Van Vliet, L*.; Welland, W.**; Ciucci, A.***;
*TNO Prins Maurits Laboratory,**APP,***ESA-ESTEC
16:00 Solid Propellants For Future Space Applications
Davenas, A.; SNPE 12, France
17:00 High Thrust Propulsion: Cryogenic Solid Propellants
Lo, R.; Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Session 4: Liquid II - Monopropellants
17:00 ADN-Based Monopropellants, a Green Propellant Candidate
Anflo, K.* ; Grönland, A.*; Wingborg, N.**;
*Swedish Space Corporation,**Swedish Defence Research Agency, Sweden
17:30 Industrial Benefits of Applying HNF in Monopropellant Satellite Propulsion
Fick, M.*; Schiebener, P.*; Van den Berg, R.**; Moerel, J.L.**; Sanders, H.M.**; Welland-Veltmans, W.***;
*Astrium GmbH, Germany, **TNO Prins Maurits Laboratory, The Netherlands, ***APP, The Netherlands
18:00 Decomposition Of different Monopropellants at Laboratory Level. Methodology, Experimental Results and Performance Calculations. Application to HAN Based Propellants and H2O2.
Eloirdi, R.*; Rossignol, S.*; Kappenstein, C.*; Duprez, D.*; Pillet, N.**,
*University of Poitiers, France, **CNES, France
18:30 Characterization of Reduced Toxicity, High Performance Monopropellants at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory
Hawkins, T.W.*; Brand, A.J.*; McKay, M.B.*; Ismail, I.M.K.**;
* Air Force Research Laboratory, Canada, ** ERC Inc., Canada

21 June 2001

Session 5: Catalysts
08:30 Hydrogen Peroxide as single-component fuel. Catalysis and Catalytic Beds. More than thirty years of Expertise.
Yarochenko, N.; Dedic, V.; RSC-AC, Russia
09:00 An Investigation of Various Catalysts in a Small Hydrogen Peroxide Thruster
Gibbon, D.*; Paul, M.*; Jolley, P.; Eloirdi, R.**; Rossignol, S.**; Kappenstein, C.**; Pillet, N.***;
*University of Surrey, United Kingdom. **University of Poitiers, France, ***CNES, France
09:30 Perovskite-type Oxides: A Novel Type of Catalysts Suitable for Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition
Yang, H.; Zhang, T.; Tian, H.; Tang, J.; Xu, D.; Ren, L.; Zhao, J.; Lin, L; Chinese Academy of Sciences
10:00 Combining Residual Gas Analysis and Differential Scanning Calorimetry to Develop Catalysts for Low Energy N2O Mirco-thrusters.
Euesden, C.; Sermon, P.; Zakirov, V.; Gibbon, D.; University of Surrey, United Kingdom
11:00 Investigation of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis for the Propulsive Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide
Pourpoint, T.; Rusek, J.; Swift Enterprise LTD, United States
Session 6: LOX/HC High Trust
09:00 Future Launcher Propellants (Keynote)
Calabro, M.*; Murphy, T.**;
*EADS, France, **Boeing Company, United States
09:30 Development Of Liquid-Propulsion Engines, Working on Liquefied Natural Gas And Liquid Oxygen, at Kbkha
Gorokhov, V.; Rachuk, V.; Grigorenko, L.; Kunavin, S.; KOSBERG Design Bureau of Chemical Automatics, Russia
10:00 KB Khimmash LOX/LNG Engines Development Status
Leontyev, N.; Seleznev, Y.; Kolkin, Y.; Zavyalov, V.; ISSAYEV Design Bureau of Chemical Engineering, Russia
11:00 Rocket Engine Systems for Hydrocarbon Fuels
Gotz, A.; Mäding, C.; Philipp, P.; Haeseler, D.; Langel, G.; Astrium GmbH, Germany
12:00 NASDA's Study Status of Methane Propulsion Systems
Katsuta, H.; Takahashi, H.; Mori, Y.; National Space Development Agency of Japan
Session 7: Testing and Test Facilities
11:30 High Test Peroxide Incident at Stennis Space Center
Ross, R.; Sewell, D.; Cockrell, M.; NASA, United States
12:30 Advanced Green Propellant Steam Generators
Schäfer, K.; Krühsel, G.; DLR, Germany
14:30 Development of a Test Facility to Study Green Propellant Injection Plate
Accettura, A.*; Ierardo, N.*; Bruno, C.**; Cuoco, F.**;
*FIAT Avio SpA, Italy, **Universita di Roma "La Sapienza, Italy
15:00 Design and Development of an Ethanol/LOX Injection Head for Rocket Steam Generator (50kg/s steam) and Experimental Study of Combustion Stability
Krühsel, G.; Schäfer, K.; DLR, Germany
Session 8: Liquid Boosters
12:30 NASA's Space Launch Initiative Targets Toxic Propellants (Keynote)
Hurlbert, E.*; McNeal, C.**;
*NASA Johnson Space Center,**NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, United States
14:30 Reusable Hydro-Carbon Booster Stages as a Replacement for Large Solid Rocket Motors
Sippel, M.; Atanassov, A.; Kauffmann, J.; Klevanski, I.; Schmid, V.; DLR, Germany
16:00 Future Liquid Rocket Boosters with Hydrocarbon Fuels
Brummer, L.; Mäding, C.; Haeseler, D.; Astrium GmbH, Germany
16:30 System Analysis of a High Thrust, Low-Cost Rocket Engine
Kauffmann, J.; Herbertz, A.; Sippel, M.; DLR, Germany
17:00 LOx / CH4 Liquid Boosters for Ariane 5 : A Promising Alternative Concept
Delattre, N.*; Clar, P.*; Bouaziz, L.*; Frisch, P.**;
*EADS Lauch Vehicles, France, **CNES, France
Session 9: Hybrids
16:00 The Hybrid Engine as a Green Propulsion Unit for Amateur Rockets
Baker, A.; Heywood, M.; Newlands, R.; Aspire Space, United Kingdom
16:30 Experimental Tests on a Hydrogen Peroxide / Pe Hybrid Rockets
Russo Sorge, A.; Esposito, A.; Bonifacio, S.; De Campos, A.; Caprio, V.; University of Naples, Italy
17:00 An Alternative Geometry Hybrid Rocket Utilising Green Propellants
Haag, G.; Paul, M.; Richardson, G.; Sweeting, M.; University of Surrey, United Kingdom
Session 10: Fuel Cells (In combination with the 4th International Hydrogen Peroxide Propulsion Conference)
16:00 Alloying Effects in an Aluminum - Hydrogen Peroxide Fuel Cell
Lim, K.; Brodrecht, D.; Heister, S.D.; Rusek, J.J.; Purdue University, United States
16:30 A Systematic Examination of a Direct Peroxide-Aqueous Methanol Fuel Cell
Prater, D.; Rusek, J.J., Swift Enterprises, Ltd., United States
17:00 Electrocatalyis in Hydrogen Peroxide Fuel Cells
Miller, D.; Rusek, J.J.; Swift Enterprises, Ltd., United States

22 June 2001

Session 11: Material Compatibility/Storage
09:00 Feasibility of PFA and FEP Fluoropolymers as Hydrogen Peroxide Propellant Storage Liners
Malcolm, P.; Jolley, P.; Richardson, G.; Sweeting, M.; University of Surrey, United Kingdom
09:30 Testing of Compatibility of Materials with Concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide
Moore, N.; Moran, C.; Dowdy, M.; Angeles Crest Engineering Inc, United States
10:00 Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition
Davis, D.; Hornung, S.; Baker, D.; NASA Johnson Space Center White Sands Test Facility, United States
Session 12: On Orbit Propulsion I
09:00 Water as a Propellant for Spacecraft Propulsion
Smith, P.; Polyflex Aerospace Ltd, United Kingdom
09:30 Water, a Multifunctional Fluid in Spacecraft Design
Stenmark, L.*; Lang, M.**;
*Uppsala University, Sweden, **ESA-ESTEC
10:00 Development of a Gas Film Cooled HTP/Kerosene Thruster for Small Satellites.
Coxhill, I.; Paul, M.; Jolley, P.; Richardson, G.; Sweeting, M.; University of Surrey, United Kingdom
11:00 Solar Thermal Propulsion
Calabro, M., EADS, France
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