4th International Conference on Launcher Technology, Liquid Propulsion. Liège BE



Liquid stage system modelling for vehicle performance global trade-off
V. L ’Hullier, M.T. Prodhomme, A.Dufour, M. Calabro, P. Vuillermoz - EADS-LV, France


The Ariane 5 EPC tests : lessons learned about the stage and engine functional aspects
R. Petit - Snecma, France


VEGA fourth Stage (AVUM) Architecture
M. Fortini, A. Preve - Fiat Avio, Italy


Titan / Atlas upper stage
T. Rudman - Lockheed Martin, USA


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Propellant settling of Ariane 5 EPSV upper stage
P. Behruzi, G. Netter, R. Müller - Astrium, Germany


Coupling the propellant shloshing and control system : Application to Ariane 5 Versatile Upper stage EPS-V
A. Dufour, D. Atuyer, O. Bayle, D. Gignac - EADS-LV, France


PMD Design for Upper Stages
P. Behruzi, G. Netter - Astrium, Germany


Qualification of Lox tank anti-vortex device for Ariane 5 cryogenic upper stage (ESC-A)
F. Giraudet, M. Le Roy - Air Liquide, France


ARIANE 5 ESCA Sloshing experiments : the results
S. Grillon - Cryospace, France


Review of the sixth microgravity fluid physics and transport phenomena conference (14-16/08/02, Cleveland, OH)
B. Vieille - CNES, France


Low Temperature Regenerators for Zero Boil Off Liquid Hydrogen Pulse Tube Cryocoolers
L. Salerno, P. Kittel - NASA Ames, USA
A. Kashani, B. Helvensteijn - Atlas Scientific, USA

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European Cooperation on Flow Separation Control
M. Frey - R. Rydén - Volvo aero, Sweden
T. Alziary de Roquefort - LEA, France
G. Hagemann - Astrium, Germany
P. James - Snecma Moteurs, France
T. Kachler - CNES, France
P. Reijasse - Onera DAFE, France
R. Schwane - ESTEC, The Netherlands
R. Stark - DLR Lampoldshausen Germany


Overexpanded nozzles Aerodynamics: Open Flow Separation and induced side-loads
P. Reijasse - Onera, France


Numerical Investigation of the Separation Modes Transition and Hysteresis in the Sub-scale J2S rocket Engine Nozzle
J.A. Morinigo - INTA, Spain
J.J. Salva - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain


Numerical simulations of launcher nozzle flows and side loads
S. Deck, R. Hallard - Onera, France


Side loads measurements on subscale launcher nozzles
D. Munier, F. Garcon, P. Champigny, S. Deck, R. Hallard - Onera, France


Analysis of the transition process in dual-bell nozzles
F. Nasuti, M. Onofri, E. Martelli - University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy


Investigation of Unsteady Turbulent Flow in an Over-expanded Rocket Nozzle
H. Wong - AtosOrigin, The Netherlands

R. Schwane - ESA / ESTEC, The Netherlands
L. Torngren - Swedish Defense Research Agency, Sweden 


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Performance estimation of an Expander bleed cycle with expansion defkection nozzle
A. Lentsch, V. Leudiere, France


Advanced nozzle concepts for future rocket engine applications
G. Hagemann, H. Immich, A. Preuss - Astrium, Germany


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Atomization and Mixing in Coaxial Injection
M. Hong, A. Cartellier, E.J. Hopfinger - LEGI - INPG, France


Advanced liquid spray modeling applied to rocket combustion numerical simulation
P. Durand, P. Vuillermoz, B. Legrand - CNES, France 
G. Boure, L. Lequette - BERTIN, France 
M. Gorokhovski - CNRS CORIA, France


Development of the conception of space liquid propelllant rocket engines for the 21th century
V.G. Bazarov - MAI, Russia
R.J. Santoro - Pennsylvania State University, USA


High Flowrate Injection Elements for Large LOx-LH2 Thrust Chambers
D. Haeseler, C. Mäding - Astrium GmbH, Germany

V. Rubinski, S. Khrissanfov, V. Kosmacheva - CADB, Russia


Development of tricoaxial injecton element
J.M. Lonchard, A. Fournet - Snecma, France


Evaluation of Oxidizer Temperature Drop in a Combustion Chamber
R. Schmehl, J. Steelant - ESA / ESTEC, The Netherlands


Numerical study of swirl nozzle internal flow field
Lixin Zhou, Fanpei Lei, Huiqiang Zhang, Chongxi Huang - Shaanxi Engine Design Institute, Republic of China


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Ignition Probability Evaluation of Different Ignition System Concepts - An Industrial Approach
D. Wiedmann, J. Jörgen, W. Oechslein, O. Knab - Astrium, Germany


Numerical Simulation of Ignition in H2/O2 Engines
A. Dauptain, R. Knikker, B. Cuenot, T.J. Poinsot - Cerfacs, France


Numerical Simulation of the Vinci Thrust Chamber Ignition
G. Ordonneau, H. Douchet - Onera, France


MMH/NTO Injection and Ignition in Vacuum Downstream of an Aestus Single Element Injector
R. Lecourt, F.X. D'Herbigny - Onera, France


Development Status of the ignition system for Vinci
G. Frenken, E. Vermeulen - Stork, The Netherlands
F. Bouquet, B. Sanders, TNO Prins Maurits Laboratory, The Netherlands


Catalytic combustion : an Innovative Technology of Propulsion
E. Sturm - Air Liquide, France


Ignition systems and RCS thrusters for future O2-H2 and O2-HC launch vehicles and booster engines
M. de Wilde, J. Van Der Meulen, G. Frenken, E. Vermeulen - Stork Product Engineering B.V., The Netherlands


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Three positions pneumatic ball valve
G. Dantinne, T. Servais, G. Lambert, L. Damhaut - Techspace Aero, Belgium


Automated Valve Design
M. Nott - Techspace Aero, Belgium 
R.F. Coelho - ULB
A. Remouchamps - Samtech, Belgium


Low cost Valves for Vulcain 2 Engine
F. Meyer, Snecma, France
J.M. Collin, Techspace Aero, Belgium


Advanced Control System for Liquid Rocket Engines
B.M. Gromyko, A.V. Kirillov, V.V. Kirillov, I.A. Mikhalev - NPO Energomash, Russia


Electronically controlled ball valve: the LOx valve of VINCI
C. Borbouse,  C. Promper - Techspace Aero, Belgium
J.C. Bomal - GD-Tech, Belgium

P.F. Jauquet - Alcatel Etca, Belgium


Integrated Tank Pressure Regulation Using Electronic Control
E. Sturm - Air Liquide DTA, France


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Session: TURBOPUMP 1

Vinci Fuel Turbopump Testing Activity Achievements
B. Goirand, L. Collongeat, A. Dutertre, Ph. Morel - Snecma, France


Tptech, a Technological Demonstrator for Future Rocket Engine Turbopump
E. Edeline, P. Fonteyn - Snecma, France
J. Dehouve - CNES, France


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Experimental Investigation of the Free Liquid Interface Oscillation Upon Step reduction in Gravity
M. Dreyer, J. Gerstmann, M. Michaelis - University of Bremen, ZARM Institut, Germany


Transfers through the gas-liquid interface and at the wall of a cryogenic propellant tank
G. Mougin, C. Colin, J. Magnaudet - IMFT, France 
B. Vieille - CNES, France


Magnetic Facility Gives Heat Transfer Data in H2 at Various Acceleration Levels
D. Beysens, D. Chatain, V. Nikolayev - CEA, France
Y. Garrabos, ICMCB, France


Sloshing and Drop Formation Conditions in Cylindrical Liquid Propellant Tank
A. Royon, E. Gaudin, A. Cartellier, E.J. Hopfinger - Legi, France


Numerical Method for Propellant Management in Upper Stage Propulsion Systems
T. Himeno, M. Fukuzoe - NASDA, Japan 
O. Kitayama - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan


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Main Engine of the VEGA Fourth Stage : Characteristics and Heritage
L. De Rose, P. Parmigiani - Fiat Avio, Italy
V. Shnyakin, V. Shulga, V. Pereverzyev - Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Ukraine
F. Caramelli, ESA-ESTEC, The Netherlands


Development of Large Thrust and High Response Side Thruster
Y. Ikegami, E. Sentoh, K. Kikumoto - Japan Defense Agency, Japan
Y. Miki, M. Miyanaga, K. Niu - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan


YF-75 Upper Stage Cryogenic Rocket Engine
Jun Fan, Jue Wang, Hang Wang - Beijing Aerospace Propulsion Institute, Republic of China


Feasibility of High Thrust Bleed Cycle Engines for Reusable Booster Applications
M. Sippel, A. Herbertz - DLR, Germany
D. Haeseler, A. Gotz, Astrium GmbH, Germany


Developments of Advanced Expander Engine
K. Kishimoto, M. Atsumi, A. Ogawara - Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Japan


Technology efforts towards Low-Cost Thrust Chambers
D. Preclick, G. Hagemann, O. Knab - Astrium, Germany


The forecast of condition of rocket engines of various basic circuits
L.V. Pron, S.A. Samochvalov - Dniepropetrovsk National University, Ukraine

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Transient modelling of cryogenic rocket engines: A modular approach
R. Rhote-Vaney, V. Thomas - IMAGINE, France

A. Lekeux - CNES, France


CARINS : a future versatile and flexible tool for engine transient prediction
G. Ordonneau - ONERA, France 
G. Albano - CNES, France
J. Masse, Appedge, France


Development of visual integrated simulator for rocket engine cycle
Masahiro Atsumi, Akira Ogawara, Kimio Akazawa, Kenichiro Tekeishi - Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Japan


Startup Simulation of Upper State Propulsion System of Ariane 5
J. Keppeler, E. Boronine, F. Fassl - Astrium, Germany


Start up transient modelling of pressurised tank engine: AESTUS application
B. Legrand, G. Albano, P. Vuillermoz - CNES, France


Fluid Dynamic Effects during Priming of Aestus' Fuel Dome
J. Steelant - ESA / ESTEC, The Netherlands


Multilevel mathematical simulation of the flow regulator for LRE
E.V. Lebedinsky, B.V. Zaytsev, A.A.Sobolev - Keldysh Research Center, Russia


Numerical simulation of unsteady non-ideal gas flows. Application to Van der Waals gas
P. Corvisier, C. Jacquot, M. Feidt, G. Albano - LEMTA, France 


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Expander LRE of 200 tf thrust on hydrocarbon fuel
G.P. Kalmykov, E.V. Lebedinsky, V.I. Tararyshkin, I.O. Yeliseev - KERC, Russia


LOx-Methane Systems for High Thrust LRE
N. Ierardo, F. Cuoco, A. Accettura - Fiat Avio, Italy
A. Congiunti, C. Bruno - University of Roma, Italy


Comparative Study of Kerosene and Methane Propellant Engines for Reusable Liquid Booster Stages
H. Burkhardt, M. Sippel, A. Herbertz, J. Klevanski - DLR, Germany


German/Russian Activities for LOX-HC Combustion
D. Haeseler, C. Mading, A. Gotz - Astrium, Germany
V. Rubinski, S. Khrissanfov, Bereshnoy, N. Bratukhin - CADB, Russia


Upgrading of the Mascotte Cryogenic Test Bench to Lox/Methane Combustion Studies
L. Vingert, M. Habiballah - ONERA, France
P. Vuillermoz - EADS, France


Research Achievement on LO2/HC Rocket Engines at NAL/KPL
A. Kumakawa, H. Tamura - NAL, Japan


About Some Features of Organization of mixing process in oxidizer-rich preburners of engines of the staged combustion schemes
A.P. Adjhan, V.Y. Bogushev, A.V. Egorov - NPO Energomash, Russia


CARAMEL : The CNES computation software for designing Liquid Rocket Engines
A. Espinosa Ramos - CNES, France


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Development and Evaluation of Advanced Cryogenic Bearings for Turbopumps
P. Nicolich, W. Sebald, E. Streit - FAG Aerospace, Germany


Characterisation of the XD15N high nitrogen martensitic stainless steel for aerospace bearing
D. Girodin - SNR, France
J.Y. Moraux - Aubert et Duval, France
J.M. De Monicault - Snecma, France


Ceramic Journal Bearing in Cryogenic Turbo-pumps
M. Bickel, M. Leuchs, H. Lange - MAN, Germany
M. Nelis, J.L. Bozet - ULG, Belgium


Application of Hydrostatic Bearing to LH2 Turbopump
T. Ohta, H. Ogata - IHI, Japan


Use of CFD in the Design of a Shaft seal for High Performance Turbomachinery
Simon Leffe - BHR Group Limited, United Kingdom


Features of model of liquid outflow appearance in impeller condensation units of liquid rocket engines feed
M.A. Katrenko, A.A. Panchenko - Dniepropetrovsk National University, Ukraine


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Review of Thermal Effects in the Cavitation of Inducers
D.H. Fruman - DHF Conseil, France


Investigation of thermodynamic effect in cavitating inducers: an experimental study on french university facilities
C. Rebattet - CREMHYG Lab. INP Grenoble University, France 
C. Bonhomme - CNES, France
J.P. Franc, M.  Riondet - LEGI - UJF/CNRS/INPG, France


A new cavitation test facility at Centrospazio
E. Rapposelli, A. Cervone, C. Bramanti, L. d'Agostino - Centrospazio, Italy


X-Ray attenuation measurements within Cloud cavitation
B. Stutz - CETHIL, France
S. Legoupil, R. Woo - LEDAJ-DIMRI-SIAR CEA, France


Experimental Study of Cavitation Induced Oscillation in 2 Bladed Helical Inducers
A. Furukawa, K. Ishizaka, S. Watanabe - Kyushu University, Japan


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Advanced Ceramic Matrix Composite Materials for Current and Future Propulsion Technology Applications
S. Beyer, S. Schmidt, H. Immich - Astrium, Germany

H. Knabe, R. Meistring, A. Gessler - EADS, Germany


Advanced Thrust Chamber Layout Tools
O. Knab, A. Fröhlich, J. Görgen, D. Wiedmann - Astrium, Germany


Advanced Thermal Barrier Coatings for High Heat Fluxes in Thrust Chambers of liquid Rocket Engines
T. Sebald, S. Beyer - Astrium, Germany 
P. Gawlitza, H. Mai - Fraunhofer-IWS Dresden, Germany
W. Pompe, Technical University Dresden, Germany


Supersonic After-Burning Rocket Engines: A new concept
G. Dorrington - University of London, United Kingdom


Advanced production and Process Technologies for Current and Future Thrust Chambers of liquid Rocket Engines
R. Kinderman, S. Beyer, T. Sebald - Astrium, Germany

C. Hollmann, B. Denkena, T. Friemuth - University of Hanover, Germany

M. Kaufeld - U. Kolb - University of Applied Sciences, Germany


Deployable Nozzle Extension for the Ariane 5 Upper Stage Engine "Vinci" : Status of the Development
H. Coperet, A. Lacombe, A. Mercier - Snecma, France


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The provision of Reliability and Safe of LPRE
B.I. Katorgin, V.K. Chvanov, F.Y. Chelkis - NPO Energomash, Russia


Liquid Rocket Engine Operating Envelops and Certification Rules in Europe
M. Delanoue - CNES, France


On experience in development testing of current cryogenic-propellant engines
A.G. Galeev, A.A. Nakarov - NIICHIMMASH, Russia


Vinci Altitude Simulation Vacuum Chamber design and manufacturing
J.P. Chisogne - AMOS, Belgium


Mechanical Justification of the Vulcain 2 Engine
Y.A. Bordier, P. Robin, F. Bire - Snecma, France


Solar Thermal Propulsion with Hydrogen After-Burning. The Possibility of Different Oxidizers Use
S.L. Finogenov, O.I. Kudrin - Moscow Aviation Institute, Russia


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High speed telemetry in a hostile environment for turbopump applications
U. Buffa - Fiat Avio, Italy
B. Edmundson - Rotadata, United Kingdom


Gaseous Hydrogen Leakage Detection System for Aerospace Applications
A. Trouillet, C. Veillas, E. Sigronde, H. Gagnaire - University of St Etienne, France
M. Clément - Snecma, France


Development of an Instantaneous Flow meter for Cryogenic Liquids
L.G. Zapol'sky, O.V. Pilipenko - National Space Agency of Ukraine, Ukraine


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Thermal Analysis of Expander Cycle Engine Wall Structures
A. Woschnak, M. Oschwald - DLR, Germany
M.H.N. Naraghi, Manhattan College, USA


Cooling side heat transfer Analysis for High Performance Rocket Combustion Chambers
B. Mewes, A. Frölich, O. Knab - Astrium, Germany


Design and development of advanced combustion chamber for the RD-0146 expander cycle engine
N.A. Dukina, S.D. Lobov, V.A. Orlov, V.S. Rachuk, V.R. Rubinsky - KBKhA, Russia


New techniques and materials in Cooling for cryogenic rocket engines
D. Greuel, D. Suslov, O.J. Haidn, H. Hald, G. Korger, K. Fritscher - DLR, Germany


Critical Topics for Rocket Engine Thrust Chamber Life Prediction
N. Weigel, D. Wiedmann, A. Frölich - Astrium, Germany


Elasto-Plastic and Fatigue Tests of a Typical Combustion Chamber Material with Different Sample Geometries
J. Riccius - DLR, Germany
V. Gantschenko, P. Jouinot - ISMCM-CESTI, France


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Numerical Analysis of Acoustic instability
A. Nicole, M. Habiballah - Onera, France


The French-German High Frequency Combustion Instability Program
G. Searby - CNRS/IRPHE, France


Trends in HF Instability Studies - Nonlinear Considerations
R.J. Priem - Priem Consultant, USA

R. Pierro - Astrium, Germany


An Engineering View of LF and HF Oscillation inside Combustion Chambers
P. Spagna, J.Keppeler, K. Vollmer, E. Boronine - Astrium, Germany


Analysis of high frequency combustion instabilities associated with collective interactions
C. Rey, D. Ducruix, P. Scouflaire, S. Candel - Laboratoire EM2C, France


Parametric method of rating of combustion stability to high-frequency oscillation
K.P. Denisov, V.N. Ivanov, V.P. Pikalov - NIICHIMMASH, Russia


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Study of Leakage in Static Gasket for Cryogenic or High Temperature Conditions
J. Frene - CNRS, France 
L. Boccaletto - CNES, France
Y. Delaunay - EDF, France
A. Pyre - SNECMA, France


A network model for Leakage prediction in a Metallic Static Sealing
F. Robbe-Valloire - ISMCM, France
M. Prat - CNRS, France


An Integrated Approach to Characterize Liquid Leakage Through Metal Contact Seal
C. Marie, D. Lasseux - LEPT-ENSAM, France
H. Zahouani - LTDS ECL, France
P. Sainsot - LMC INSA Lyon, France


A Linear Leak Path Model as a Methodology for Better Static Seal Performance Evaluation
M. Pierson - Techspace Aero, Belgium


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New Type of Cavitation Instabilities in Inducers
Y. Tsujimoto, Y.U. Semenov - Osaka University, Japan


3D Numerical Simulation of pump Cavitating Behavior
O. Coutier-Delgosha, R. Fortes Patella, J.L. Reboud, B. Pouffary - LEGI-INPG, France


A Numerical Model to Predict Unsteady Cavitating Flow Behaviour in inducer blade Cascades
O. Coutier-Delgosha, J.L. Reboud, Y. Courtot, R. Fortes Patella - LEGI-INPG ENSTA, France


Numerical Analysis of Cryogenic Cavitating flow on hydrofoil 
-Comparison between water and cryogenic fluids-

Tani Naoki, Nagashima Toshio - Tokyo University, Japan


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CFD Simulation of Impellers -Diffuser Interaction- Comparison with Test data
D. Le Moal,  J.M. Nguyen Duc, S. Laffite - Snecma, France

A. Demeurlenaere, E. Lorrain, R. van Praag - Numeca International S.A, Belgium


Numerical optimization of turbomachinery bladings
S. Burguburu, C. Toussaint - ONERA, France

C. Bonhomme - CNES, France


Investigation of power characteristics of low-speed inclined rotor pumps
G.A. Gorbenko - Physical technical Institute of Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine